Bereavement can have many causes: a separation, a passing away of a loved one or a loss of an unborn child. Alternatively, it may be an unfulfilled wish to have a child. We can also mourn the absence of a carefree childhood.

A loss leaves a great emptiness. It can be ominous, dark and profound. It may lack words or contain a stifled scream. It may be just hollow silence you feel trapped in. A traumatic loss causes a great deal of grief. It affects us mentally and physically. You feel disconnected and withdrawn. It may also push us into a roller coaster of emotions. It may be accompanied by fatigue and insomnia.

Bereavement goes in stages and requires attention. We sometimes prefer to hide it or deny it. But when ignored or denied, it refuses to pass. It may leave you struggling alone in the cold emptiness and deafening silence.

How does it affect you? How do you cope? You do not have to do alone. You are welcome to come and talk about.

Loss and grief cannot be undone. But you can get professional support in this process. I will guide you through the stages of this process, after which you will learn to let go. This creates space for acceptance and finding meaning.

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