You are welcome to participate in group therapy. Group meetings offer an ideal place to explore your patterns of behaviour, thoughts and emotions. They provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about your patterns of communication and the effect you have on others. Alternatively, you learn how group affects you.

Find your challenges

You can effectively get to know yourself only in contact with others. What do you tend to manifest in a group? What do you tend to censor in your communication? What effect does a group have on you? What place and what role do you tend to take?

Change your patterns

It is also an excellent opportunity to investigate where these patterns come from. It is also a place for an experiment. You learn and understand your behaviour patterns – patterns of action, resistance and blocks. You can also try out new types of behaviour.  And you can experience the benefits of new actions and integrate them into your life.

Support and comfort

Participation in group therapy is an important addition to your own development and your therapeutic learning. You get a lot back in the form of feedback. It offers you challenges, but also support and acceptance, which are essential and indispensable as part of the therapy process.

Group therapy meetings offer you a safe and exciting space for self-development. Participating in the group can have a deep healing effect and offer complementary treatment for various psychological issues and conditions.

If you are interested in participating in a group, send me a message below:

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