My name is Sergei Malkin (1972). I am a professionally trained and certified psychotherapist with experience. I have developed a good notion of various psychological conditions. My life and my personal quest provided a rich source for first hand experience.

I was born and raised in Moscow, in what was then the Soviet Union. Initially driven by my fascination for language, human communication and cultural diversity, I studied foreign languages. These studies helped me to travel abroad. When I was 19 – led by my curiosity and yearning for freedom – I left my parents’ home and my country. I left everything behind and only returned eight years later.

In the Netherlands I studied international relations, public administration and sociology. I worked for more then ten years in advisory positions in the Dutch government and led international projects. There I grew further fascinated by what connects and drives people. During a management development program, I became acquainted with different therapeutic methods (NLP, Gestalt, etc.). Fascinated by them, I decided to study psychology. Simultaneously, I underwent various forms of therapy myself. I experientially tested them out on myself. It helped me to come to terms with many of my personal experiences.

My own quest and path have inspired and enabled me to work professionally with people. I am a certified therapist, registered with the Professional Association of Psychotherapists of the Netherlands (NVPA). I gained several years of experience in the field of therapeutic care and assistance in the Netherlands.

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