Welcome to Therapy in Barcelona

Consider professional help

You may consider therapy and contact me if any of the following applies to you:


  • you feel isolated, burdened or stuck
  • you experience fatigue and insomnia
  • you have relationship problems
  • you feel depressed
  • you have just been diagnosed with an illness
  • you experience an unexplained medical condition
  • you are dealing with grief and bereavement
  • you feel anxious
  • you are struggling with addictions
  • you are struggling with sexuality or gender identity

Treat your condition

Barcelona Therapy and Counselling offers you the following types of therapy and counselling:


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Together we achieve results

You and I will work together through whatever is bothering you. You will receive professional assistance and guidance, which will allow you to achieve results and to improve both your mental and physical health. Therapy and counselling will increase the quality of your life.


What you achieve

Barcelona Therapy and Counselling can help relieve physical symptoms and psychological conditions:

  • reduce fears and anxiety
  • reduce fatigue and recharge energy
  • regain concentration
  • eliminate insomnia
  • treat burnout
  • reduce psychosomatic aches and pains.

You will get professional help and support to accomplish the following:

  • break out of mental traps and vicious circle
  • feel empowered to face new challenges
  • discover your subconscious ‘life script’
  • discover your personality structure
  • learn old and new defence mechanisms
  • work through grief and let go
  • find meaning to traumatic events